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Health & Medical

I had severe autoimmune system disease for 5 yrs. Pernicious Anemia / My antibodies were too high and they were attacking my system. I had my session with NET and a week later I was tested and they couldn't believe my count had dropped into a safe range.


The doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to become pregnant again. I had already had 4 miscarriages.
When I had explained the situation to Dr. Sinnott he suggested the N.E.T. procedure to see if the mind body connection was playing a role.
Within a month I again became pregnant. and was put on high risk pregnancy care which meant I  saw  a doctor every week – not always the same one. Every week they were making her aware that most likely she wouldn’t be able to carry this pregnancy for long either. During my pregnancy I went thru a few N.E.T. procedures to keep me emotionally clear ,
Four years later I have 2 healthy children.


The doctors told me I wouldn't be able to become pregnant again. I had already had 4 miscarriages. When I had explained the situation to Dr. Sinnott he suggested the N.E.T. procedure to see if the mind body connection was playing a role. Within a month I again became pregnant, and was put on high risk pregnancy care which meant I saw a doctor every week -- not always the same one. Every week they were making her aware that most likely she wouldn't be able to carry this pregnancy for long either. During my pregnancy I went thru a few N.E.T. procedures to keep me emotionally clear. Four years later I have 2 healthy children.


I was a volunteer at one of Dr. Sinnott's presentations. Let me first tell you the end result. Since then, I have not had any neck pain or taken any medications for pain. Prior to this I was in severe neck pain for 33 years.

I was in a horrific car accident when I was 18. I struggled with pain ever since. Over time I have had 6 epidurals, 2 facet injections for pain management, and got relief for 3 to 4 days at the most. I went through several series of physical therapy over the years, the most recent one being in the last year for a year. I spent many nights sitting up in my family room, because the pain wouldn't let me sleep. I bought the $100 pillow, thinking that would help. Nothing helped me. I tried pharmaceuticals, 4 Motrin at night, and pain pill and muscle relaxer to help me function, and sometimes a muscle relaxer during the day. I came to the lecture and it was an unbelievable experience. I've not had pain or taken medication since.


For 3 weeks after a car accident I continued to have severe muscle spasms in my neck, Middle back and pain, numbness, and tingling that went down my left arm and hand. The pain never resolved even with Darvacet, I had a bad drug reaction to the Darvacet, and stopped taking it. I also went to physical therapy treatments which only made me worse. The problems were interfering with my daily life. I was put on Xanex for anxiety caused by the pain, Tylenol Extra to help me sleep and Flexeril for muscle spasms. NOTHING WORKED!

I consulted an Orthopedic surgeon, my medical doctor and physical therapy for 3 weeks, I always left in tears from the increased pain, and medications. I was also having insomnia, gasto-intestinal distress and lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Dr. Sinnott's treatment with Neuro-Emotional Technique and his chiropractic adjustments kept me from losing my mind with the pain and depression. Before I came, I could barely get through a work day with a light duty assignment. My thinking was clouded with pain and drugs. I was told by conventional doctors that my symptoms could last for months. In a week of treatment with Dr. Sinnott, I could move better, decreased pain, and no drugs. I did use an occasional Tylenol extra strength and his nutritional supplements. My numbness and tingling is very rare and I am almost pain free.

E.S. R.N.

A Spiritual Leader from Turkey.

He was brought to the United States for Medical Care. He had heart and Blood pressure problems that were not well handled in Turkey. At John Hopkins University Hospital , they determined he would need open heart Surgery. In accordance with his religion he wasn't permitted to have his body cut into. I was called to come and treat him. We worked for 2 hours with a translator. He appreciated the procedure and thru the translator stated how much lighter he felt in his heart when we were finished. Three days later John Hopkins re-examined him. His overall condition had improved, they no longer pushed for the surgery. His main problem started shortly after the Earthquake in Turkey. As a Spiritual leader he took on a lot grief and sadness due to the fact that over 10,000 people were killed in the earth quake. Once we worked with the connection between his mind and body he made a dramatic physical shift.

When I came to Dr. Sinnott I had tried everything. M.D.'s chiropractors and physical therapists. I was in low back pain and right leg sciatic pain and was having trouble walking, standing and sitting . I have been suffering in terrible pain for years, having been to chiropractors and physical therapists I always felt they hurt me and made me worse. I was desperate. I had x-rays, MRIs ,went to orthopedist and neurosurgeons and they all said my back didn't look that bad for 40 year old guy but I did have one herniation in one of the disc and one bulging disc. After working with Dr. Sinnott it became evident the main cause of my pain was stress. I was in a family business with my mother, father, and sister .I have been a driving force in the business and shouldered most of the responsibility. I have a son, that I've been struggling to get help for his ADD and a touch of Tourette's syndrome since he was four. And with Dr. Sinnott's help, a few NET sessions it has totally changed my life. I got out of the family business. I have had many hurdles to climb this year. I could never have done it without Doctor Sinnott's support, regular adjustments, and the NET sessions, which got to the root of the problems. The NET and the adjustment's really helped me change and I feel strongly that it has saved my life. S. S.

Another patient came to the office with a severe shoulder problem, she had been to several doctors, and already had two surgeries to correct the problem and still only had 20% use of her shoulder. The block came up for her, as a child, she was required to take on a lot of household responsibility including taking care of her three younger siblings, this is because as a single parent, mother was always working and never home. As it turned out she was really angry about her childhood responsibilities. All these years later carrying all that subconscious anger , manifest as shoulder pain, at the mere thought of shouldering responsibility.


A psychologist came in for an N.E.T visit and I asked her why she chose NET. she said I've talked to a lot of psychologists over the years. I just need this fixed right now. I don't want to have to keep dealing with it.

I had been in therapy for a year and never felt like things were changing. We talked about it, Dredged up old & painful memories. We would talk about how it made me feel and the session would end putting the subject on the shelf until the next visit. The thing that impressed me the most about NET was that it got very quickly to the point. It didn't require a lot of input from me. My body seemed to go right to the emotion point Allowing the doctor to find what he needed to clear my mind / body connection so it didn't continue to haunt me. Thank You

Peg G.

I knew I wanted help, I was depressed a lot , my life wasn't going well, my marriage was collapsing, I had suffered abuse as a child and I 'm not trusting enough to open up and talk things out, consequently therapy was not productive for me. I was referred to NET, told it would be a great help. I went, not knowing what to expect and I was Skeptical! Even though I had seen dramatic changes in 2 people in my family. After 15 mins into the session I felt really comfortable. I didn't need to explain how I felt or what I was going through, my body gave the doctor the information he needed , I just validated what he found and he just cleared it.


In the past three years I lost both my parents who were only 63 & 65. I also lost both my in-laws. Consequently I've lived in a constant state of loss.. After my first procedure with NET , I felt like I was 5 years old running on the beach. Previous to my NET visits , I had read many books on affirmations and self development. I have spent the last 10 years working on myself taking self development courses and being a coach for 25 other people in several of these courses. NET truly helped me clear out emotional baggage I had developed over the last 4 decades. I have had several NET sessions over the last 8 months. I cannot believe how NET has brought me back to myself. I'm not operating from fear. I was able to confront my weight issues that I've had over the years and this is setting the stage for me to get back into shape and for my body to now match the way I feel about myself. I'm having a dramatically improved relationship with my 23 year old son and 16 year old daughter.


I have had a fear of traveling since I was a little girl, yet I have always had a strong desire to travel, especially to England. Despite my desire to travel I never traveled more than 30 miles from my home. Since my N.E.T. Session I have flown to England and Arizona to visit my son. I was so calm it was amazing. Despite the problems on my last trip. My flight was cancelled , I was scheduled on a flight that would have a 24 hour layover, put on standby on another airline if all else failed. My old self would have gone home at the first sign of trouble. I stayed amazing calm and when all was said and done I landed in Arizona only 2 hours later that my original schedule. No anxiety, no fear, no shaking. I still continue to be amazed.



I had spent a few years in therapy in countless hours of re-hashing and talking thru events in my life That were holding me back. I enjoyed the procedure for not having to take the time going over and over again the same problems giving me little change. A serious issue for me was my inability to save money. I am 46 years old and have never saved more than $100 in the bank. My financial life changed. Within 3 months after the session I had saved $3000.

J. W.


Background: While fairly successful in my professional life as a corporate financial consultant to the federal government and private sector, I have increasingly believed I attract in negative financial recognition from strong results. This was elevated to the highest level in a recent situation where I delivered $200 million to the firm and received nominal reward. I have also felt somewhat trapped in my business environment and was not able to maximize my economic self. My last concern was to achieve maximum health. One of my children referred me to Dr John Sinnott.

Soon after I met with Dr Sinnott and spent an hour removing long standing emotional blocks. The results of this treatment are extraordinary. Since the treatment, I feel very different about how I receive and engage my business daily challenges which have interestingly only increased. However, I am able to address and resolve them in a surprisingly almost effortless peaceful way. I make decisions today about tough challenges in an incredible poised, thoughtful rational manner.

I have been just offered with completely no effort on my part to develop business across Europe and Asia. In summary, while I am increasingly surprised with the radical changes, I am sure I have other long deep routed emotional and or physical blocks and desire to pursue more treatment. Dr Sinnott's N.E.T. toolbox made a difference in my life. I believe I am free to be all I can be. Even a month later I continue to be amazed at the ongoing changes in my business life. I'm not sure how it works, I just know it works.


I had a NET session to deal with my work situation. I was having difficulty with my employers advances toward me. I am home health care practitioner and I was taking care of his wife. Repeatedly he made advances , comments, and even tried to kiss me. I was ready to quit, but after working with NET, some thing must have changed in me because the next time I had to work with him, the problem stopped.


I have been practicing a more holistic way of life for nearly 10 years trying many alternative methods, but not finding the piece to regain myself. In my job as a high level manager in government, and difficulty in dealing with a male dominated situation. NET helped me find ways of dealing with my career mobility. In ways I did not believe were available to me, due to my programming as a child (a female) in gender limitations. I was able to find the approval within myself and embrace those changes to contributing to my stress and ultimately to my physical condition for which I originally sought treatment. I perform better in my job position and responsibilities and my healthier way of life has brought me to the level of living I have sought for many years.


I did not graduate high school. I was about to take my GED test after 27 years. My past reaction to test taking was to freeze up, panic and draw a blank which was the main reason I left High School. I was stressing myself out with apprehension because of my past experiences with testing. After my NET Procedure I felt so relieved and more focused. I passed and was told I had one of the highest scores. I gained my self respect and now know I have what it takes to make it. I can't Thank You enough.


I was in the Pan American games (similar to Olympic games).I was coming for a NET session because I will had never made it to the finals in competition. I was thinking of withdrawing. An issue came up about being bullied at 8yrs. old by a boy with blonde hair. I was cleared on the reaction. I went the next day, competed in the finals against a blonde. And ended the day winning a Silver Metal. 2004

John G.


I brought my daughter to my pediatrician who didn't have an explanation for her lack of bladder control. Her situation affected every part of her life and ours. We were unable to travel as a family more than a half hour drive for my daughters fear of not having access to a bathroom. She was afraid of returning to school for the same reason. How many times a day she would have to use the bathroom. Her other issue that created distress at home was her inability to sleep unless I sat with her in her bedroom for sometimes an hour or hour and a half till she would finally fall asleep. My pediatrician had suggested I take her to Children's Hospital for further testing. I was told about Dr. Sinnott and attended one of his lectures to see if this was an option. I was encouraged and brought my daughter to him for the N.E.T. procedure.

Well the outcome has been exciting. She was able to return to school in September without incident. We are now able to take longer trips without her fear of not having access to a bathroom. I went thru a N.E.T. procedure to help me in dealing more effectively with my daughter, and now the bed time issue last about 10 to 15 minutes. The outcome , our life has changed dramatically for the better and in a very short amount of time. I and my family thank you and N.E.T.


My son, who is 11 years old had become increasingly more withdrawn after our divorce about a year ago. He was consistently picking on his 4 year old brother and the problem was increasing. He had very little conversation with me and just wouldn't open up. I brought to him to 3 psychologists for two visits each. Little was accomplished because he refused to talk with them. I then attended one of Dr. Sinnott's lecture to see if I thought there was a chance it may help. I was encouraged by what I saw and later made an appointment. When we left his office my son and I got into a deep discussion on what he was feeling. He was animated, talking freely and he even broke down and cried. He then hugged me like I have never been hugged before.

Thank you for giving me my son back.


A young girl named Marissa was doing very well socially and academically until she got to the fourth grade. Her mother brought her to me because suddenly she was not doing well in school and she had become shy and distant from her friends. After being tested by the school, the educators assured her mother that Marissa had learning disabilities and should be put into special education classes. I started working with Marissa . What showed up were a lot of emotional issues surrounding her parents recent divorce. Guilt , Grief and anger were at the root of her decline. The most recent feedback on Marissa from her mother was that she's doing very well in school, she's become very social again and now is teaching yoga to first-graders and in her spare time is helping with handicapped children.


A woman came in who was divorced for 5 years. Her husband wanted the divorce , she did not. For the 5 yrs she had a box of every letter ,every card her husband had given her. Many times she had tried to do away with the box of memories and something inside of her just wouldn't let her go thru with it. Her marriage was the only symbol in her life that she was worth anything. And letting go of the letters would for her be letting go of any self worth she had. She tried therapy for months and still was unable to let go. She continued not to let herself become involved in a relationship, she knew she had to let go so she could move on in her life. The therapist was working toward that end of her being able to let go and move on to no avail. Without any advice the day after her session she shredded the contents of the box and as she reported two weeks later , "totally without remorse or regret." Now what benefits do you think that she will start to experience in being able to move past this block?

When I came for my first procedure with NET, I was destroyed by my separation. I had lost all hope for a better life and future. I was always depressed. About 2 years before the separation I stopped sleeping . I didn't sleep for several days at a time. I took medications to sleep but they didn't help. I thought about ending my life. I was emotionally abused by my husband. I went to a psychologist. In a couple of sessions I realized I didn't need her telling me what to do, I knew what I had to do , I just couldn't do it and therapy wasn't helping me. After my first session in NET I was able to sleep, 5-6 hours at first and now I sleep the whole night thru. I started to feel strong and confident and most important I was no longer afraid. My issues about getting a new job and divorcing my husband all became a reality as I worked with NET for a few more sessions. I went thru stages that allowed me to know I could live well without a man.. I regained my self respect, I can make important decisions and follow thru which I could never do before. I didn't know which way to turn in my life, NET saved me and allowed me to create a life that I design. I thank you and wish you the Best

Update: I noticed years later I realize that it was permanent. I no longer obsess in fear about relationships

M. Y.

We were both retired and really getting on each others nerves. They didn't travel, they didn't have any particular thing they were involved in to utilize their time. They basically stayed around the house annoying each other. They came for a session on the same day, but they each had their own session. Within a week they reported back that they were now going to the gym each day together, they were going out to dinner again, they were enjoying each others company again and were planning trips together. It's never too late.

J. & M. R.

Weight Loss

I came in for weight loss, because I just couldn’t seem to lose any weight. I was totally astounded, how the very next day I had this tremendous will power. I am now losing the weight.

T. G.