NET Overview

The mind and body are inseparable / and to really make effective changes in people's life and health you need to treat both! The mind processes what you think and feel. The body physically reacts to what you think and feel.

Okay so now we know all this, what do we do about it?

This technique is based upon the concept that emotional trauma can cause blocks in body function. These blocks can be stored in the body and later be experienced as physical or emotional symptoms. This technique is an advanced mind/body technology. It identifies and treats the emotional and physical blocks that hold you back.

This technique is not talk therapy.

Many people who we treat have already seen a therapist probably more than once or twice. Or 20 times for that matter. Therapy has an important place in Healthcare, this technique is not designed to replace "talk" therapy. But I am telling you this, that not long after their first session with us, patients strongest statement is that "things have already started to change."

By releasing these blocks, their beliefs and perceptions of things changed. Because their beliefs changed, the way they look at themselves changed. And because the way they looked at themselves changed, their lives began to change.

Our Practice

By discovering the site of this locked physical/emotional connection, we are able to "unlock" or release it. Clients who experience this report that they feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders!

"The mind-body connection is very powerful. With NET we are giving the patient's body the ability to heal itself! Once the emotion is released, patients find that they feel more emotionally balanced and free."

We often use the analogy of dancing with a pebble in your shoe. As you go through life, family, friends, teachers, doctors, relationships, bosses, co- workers all teach us how to dance in life. You already know how to dance in life, NET removes the pebble from your shoe so you can dance! Many people say they feel that a large weight has been removed from their shoulders after just one session!