Dr. John Sinnott

John SinnottDr. John Sinnott has been the director of the Pine Run Alternative Health Center for more than 20 years. Although Pine Run began as a chiropractic office, it has expanded to much more. While chiropractic care is still the cornerstone of the practice, Dr. Sinnott has embraced the holistic approach to medicine and focuses on the entire person. At Pine Run you will find that we look at each patient's structure, chemistry and emotions to be sure that we treat the whole person.

Dr Sinnott is continuously engaged in research and continuing education. As new techniques and technologies become available, they are added to this holistic approach.

At Pine Run We Offer
the Following Treatments & Techniques:

  • Within the scope of our chiropractic practice we use several treatment styles to restore alignment to the spine and any other skeletal point that is out of alignment. Our techniques vary according to the patient and their symptoms. Many people are surprised to find just how gentle our techniques are.
  • We use the principles of applied kinesiology or "muscle testing" to obtain clues about underlying symptoms so we can reach the root cause of any pain, discomfort or mis-alignment
  • We test for nutritional deficiencies which may be causing health problems. We offer scientifically formulated supplements and nutritional components to help the body regain its natural healthy state.
  • We utilize Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to address the emotional imbalances of our patients. More information about NET.
  • We integrate the natural healing methods of Homeopathy

Chiropractic adjustments are intended to correct nerve interference to restore the body to its natural healthy state. At times, there is also an underlying cause that must be addressed. Homeopathy helps us address the underlying cause by activating your body's natural ability to heal itself. We use homeopathic formulas produced by King Bio Pharmaceuticals, which is registered with the Food and Drug Administration. All the ingredients are naturally occurring in nature; and they have been selected based on more than 200 years of study. There are no recorded side effects and no harmful interactions with other drugs. Patients have seen incredible results with these natural remedies—sometimes in minutes!! If you are experiencing chronic pain or difficulty that seems to be impossible to cure, a homeopathic remedy may be the answer